Sunday, December 3, 2023

8 Steps to the Perfect Facebook Live

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Step 1: Set a specific theme

Vague, wishy-washy titles…we’ve outgrown them.

We’re all busy, and people need, not deserve, to know the details before they decide whether it’s worth taking time out of their busy schedule to attend.

Create a catchy, catchy headline with a detailed description so people can decide if it’s worth it.

Think about it, which one are you more likely to participate in?

A video titled “something you need to know” or one titled “How we used Facebook Lives to make $98,000 in 10 days – and you can too”.

Not only is the second more attractive, but it also ensures the exactly people come to your Facebook live.

This will help with engagement and follow-up leads because they are genuinely interested in the topic.

If you’re doing an interview, don’t title your show ‘Interview with Joe Bloggs…’ instead, say something like, ‘How to feel 10 times more energy every day – an interview with the amazing nutritionist Joe Bloggs’.


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