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Popular YouTubers react to Shorts new video remix feature

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YouTube launched Shorts in 2021, months after its release in India. The feature came in response to TikTok, which has already attacked the world. While YouTube is still ahead of TikTok in terms of popularity, the company’s Shorts service is nowhere near TikTok. But YouTube is making constant efforts to achieve the short video format. Recently, YouTube introduced a feature for Shorts that allows creators to use clips of billions of public YouTube videos. The feature is a build of the existing remix that allows users to test audio for their Shorts posts. Since this is a new feature, we contacted some popular YouTubers to find out their opinion on the feature.

Overview of the new Shorts feature

YouTube Shorts’ new video sampling feature aims to popularize the service. Also, it is a response to TikTok’s popular Stitch feature. With this feature, Shorts creators can link 1- to 5-second clips of public YouTube videos. When a short is created with clips from long videos, the original creator is credited with a link. All videos on YouTube are available for remixing by default. Therefore, creators who do not want their videos to be used for the particular feature must delete it manually in YouTube Studio.

Jutuba Shorts splice function YouTube

That said, Shorts videos cannot be removed from this feature. The only way you can limit your videos from being used is by deleting the Short. This will not only remove the tested audio or video, but will also remove all Shorts that used the tested video or audio content. This is problematic for content creators because they may lose videos at any time. Imagine losing a video of Shorts that has about 10 million views due to this unfair policy.

Almost all public videos are eligible for remixing except Music videos with copyrighted content from YouTube’s music partners. Unlike YouTube, Shorts does not have a robust payment system. So the $ 100 million from YouTube’s Shorts fund is the only way to make money right now. With this program, YouTube allows thousands of creators to claim payment from the fund. The payouts are based on audience and engagement and mostly range from $ 100 to $ 10,000. Unfortunately, the original creator does not receive any compensation from his remixed clip. YouTube said TechCrunch that it is working on a long-term monetization model for the platform, which will be released in the coming months.

Creators will be able to track spliced ​​videos in YouTube Analytics. Also, the platform will start sending notifications of remixed videos soon. The remix feature is currently available for iOS, while the Android release is still in the pipeline.

What do the creators of YouTube think about this new feature?

The Splice video feature could be a game changer for YouTube Shorts. It will allow creators to reach a completely unused audience. Also, Shorts can be a way to engage viewers with their long-form content. So let’s hear from you YouTubers about what they think of the new remix for YouTube Shorts.

Do you create videos for Shorts on YouTube and how often?

Jaime Rivera (PocketNow): Not yet.

Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile): Unfortunately, I do not use Shorts and do not plan to use it in the future.

Practice (technician): We’re not creating Shorts right now, but it’s something we’re planning for the future.

Utsav Technician: Yes, I have a separate channel for Shorts.

Example of YouTube Shorts.

YouTube has released a new feature for Shorts, which allows users to join in public YouTube videos. Do you think this feature will work for you?

Jaime Rivera (PocketNow): For fair use content and feedback, sure.

Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile): I find that the vast majority of short-form content (whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok) is extremely valuable.

Practice (technician): In general, we do not use images from other channels. And for years, you have the option to download a YouTube video and use it. So, we don’t see ourselves using this feature much enough.

Utsav Technician: I think it’s like a free advertisement for the channel if someone uses Shorts from my video.

According to Google, “Some videos may not be available as required by copyright owners or their privacy settings. For example, videos required by a third-party copyright holder and private videos may not be used. ” So technically, there is no way to prevent long videos from being remixed if they are released.

Will you allow your videos to be used for Shorts?

Jaime Rivera (PocketNow): I don’t think you can dismiss this, considering how it is categorized under fair use laws.

Practice (technician): We give you the opportunity to streamline some of your live streams. People can make smaller clips out of it.

Utsav Technician: I allow my videos to be used for Shorts.

Do you feel that this new feature is a threat to original content creators on YouTube?

Jaime Rivera (PocketNow): Not at all. It’s one of the backbones of how news is covered.

Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile): Original Shorts may be compelling, but 95% of the stuff I serve is just stolen clips from other creators, diminished and compatible with out-of-context music or AI-generated subtitles. I prefer thoughtful, long-form content (whether I create or consume), so at the risk of becoming irrelevant to a whole new generation of consumers, I don’t plan on using any of these new YouTube Shorts features.

Practice (technician): I’ve seen videos of fellow creators put in Shorts for views. So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun.

Utsav Technician: I think it’s like a free advertisement for the channel if someone uses Shorts from my video. It will not hurt because it gives more reach to the original Creator. Even the advertising revenue is very low, so it is not sustainable for anyone who just copies-pastes without having an original identity.

Do you prefer TikTok or YouTube Shorts? Why?

Jaime Rivera (PocketNow): Tik Tok. It just has a much better discovery algorithm.

Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile): Mr. Mobile does not use either and prefers long-form content.

Practice (technician): We criticized YouTube’s dislike button and spam comment issue. But overall, YouTube is one of the best platforms in terms of community guidelines and monetization.

Utsav Technician: TikTok has benefited greatly from its algorithm. It serves both creators and viewers. YouTube’s algorithm is nowhere near TikTok.

Is the Jutuba Shorts feature good or bad?

The new YouTube feature has received mixed reactions from the YouTubers we interacted with. Only one of them is creating videos for Shorts at the moment. While others intend to use it in the future, they may not use this new feature as much. That said, these YouTubers believe that the feature can benefit creators who make Shorts content. Using clips of long videos will be a free advertisement for original content creators.

Rivera believes the feature follows the idea of ​​how news is covered. Thus, the feature is not a threat to original content creators. Utsav Techie pointed to another important aspect. He said the advertising revenue for Shorts is very low to support if they copy and paste content. Currently, Shorts ‘$ 100 million fund is the sole source of income for Shorts’ creators. There is no robust monetization model yet. So if YouTube wants Shorts to be taken more seriously, it will have to improve its algorithm and introduce a solid monetization plan for Shorts creators soon.

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