Sunday, December 3, 2023

Get Organised with Notion

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I’ve always been a bit obsessed with getting more organized. And since I found out last year that I have ADHD, I’ve probably become a little more obsessed. And I kept hearing about the Notion tool as a way to get more organized.

So when I discovered Jenna Redfield’s YouTube channel after searching for “Notion ADHD” I was excited! I am over the moon that Jenna is my guest on this episode. We dive into Notion and how you can be more organized if you’re not (or have ADHD). We’ll also look at how Jenna uses Notion in her marketing and business.

Jenna Redfield is a Content Marketing Expert who focuses on creating and teaching organizational systems for small businesses that want to organize their customers, content creation, business and life.
She specializes in using and teaching the Notion and marketing 1:1 to clients as well as on her YouTube channel.


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