Sunday, December 3, 2023

Share your Knowledge with Video

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I first connected with today’s guest, Liz Jostes, about 10 years ago through blogging.

Sharing knowledge through online content has been a powerful part of our lives and our businesses. It allows us to create more impact and authority. Written content continues to be powerful. But as Liz told me recently, with video, people get to see and hear you and that creates a deeper connection.

In this episode, we talk about how you can share your knowledge powerfully through video.

Your ideas can start with written content like a blog post, or even a Tweet. But you can easily turn that into a video (live or pre-recorded). Then you can incorporate that into your blog post and bring it full circle. Or you can start with a video and turn that into a blog post.

There is so much to talk about!

Liz Jostes is an internet marketing strategist, speaker and business owner of Eli Rose Social Media. A former corporate marketer, Liz has owned her own company since 2011 and is certified in SEO, Facebook ads and social media management.


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