Thursday, December 7, 2023

Going into the Archives 7: Launch Your Podcast!

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Welcome to the seventh bonus episode of the Confident Life Marketing Podcast, where we celebrate the advance to our 200th episode and 4th anniversary!

In this bonus episode, I interview Colin Gray and Mark Asquith, two leading podcasting experts. Colin shares his thoughts on starting with simple podcast gear and not getting overwhelmed by technology. He recommends the Samson Q2U USB microphone for beginners and the Rode Podcaster for those looking to upgrade.

Mark Asquith discusses repurposing live shows into podcasts, emphasizing the importance of designing your show with your audience and goals in mind. He shares his own experiences with repurposing content and emphasizes the need to adapt content to each platform.

This will be really useful for podcasters and content creators who want to improve their strategies and get the most out of their content. As we approach the 200th episode of the Confident Life Marketing Podcast, we encourage you to reflect on your own goals and consider how these insights can help you increase your impact, authority and profits.


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