Sunday, December 3, 2023

Going into the Archives 9: Audio Branding Tips

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Welcome to the ninth bonus episode of the Confidence Live Marketing Podcast, where we celebrate the run up to our 200th episode and 4th anniversary!

In this bonus episode, I rerun the interview with two amazing guests: Michelle Levitt, Marketing and Creative Director of Heil Sound, a professional audio equipment manufacturer, and Izabela Russell, the CEO of Music Radio Creative, a company specializing in audio branding. .

We dive into the importance of a sound brand and its role in reflecting your personality. We also discuss the technical aspects of microphones and how they can affect the authenticity of your voice.

Here are the main takeaways from our conversations:

  1. Audio branding: How you want to be perceived and how you want people to feel when they listen to your content. Consider the introduction, ending, and elements in between, along with appropriate music and vocal artists.
  2. Reflecting your personality with Izabela Russell: Think about how your sound brand can reflect your personality. If you’re quirky and funny, incorporate that into your brand. If you’re more serious, choose music and vocal elements that match that vibe.
  3. Energy and authenticity: The energy you project on camera should be a slightly heightened version of your true self. Be authentic, and don’t be afraid to show your energy.
  4. Microphone frequency response with Michelle Levitt: The range of frequencies that a microphone can pick up. Look for a small increase in the 2-5 kHz range for better articulation on the human voice.
  5. Choosing the right microphone: The difference between microphones like the Heil PR 30 and PR 40 lies in their unique frequency responses. The PR 40 has a lower range and gives a warm, traditional broadcast sound, while the PR 30 has more midrange presence.
  6. Authenticity in your voice: Choose a microphone that makes you sound like yourself. When people meet you in person, they shouldn’t be surprised by how your voice sounds compared to your podcast or live show.

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