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The best RPGs for iOS in 2022: Diablo, Star Wars, and more

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Gaming on mobile devices is increasing and improving with each passing year. This is especially true with services like Stadia, which make streaming games on your phone or tablet a completely viable way to enjoy AAA games. Gaming on iOS is particularly robust thanks to the support of the operating system of external controllers such as Sony’s DualShock 5. The App Store also has a lot of great games – including ports and exclusives in the Apple Arcade.

Of course, the best time-washes regardless of platform are RPGs. They offer hours of gameplay, great storytelling, character customization and deep combat and mechanics. If that’s what you’re looking for, here are the best RPGs for iOS you can play right now. We cover everything from ports to iOS exclusives.

Immortal Devil

We were impressed by Immortal Devil about our first play. In fact, we would say it is better than Devil – and we said it’s a “computer edition or quality console on a small screen” in our review. Bite-sized quests and activities make playing along the way a joy without sacrificing the full experience, including a deep end game, a long campaign and a full vocal performance. Fans of the computer games will feel right at home, and the game never feels too repetitive. Enjoy amazing maps from a top perspective, choose your class according to your style of play, kill mobs using your special skills and collect. tuno of plunder. Game-wise we would say it feels a lot like Diablo 3, although the fact that you don’t need resources to use skills is different, where they instead work with short chills, bringing a faster battle to the front. There’s a downside, and that’s those excessive microtransactions that could make this unavoidable for some players. However, it is worth giving Immortal Devil go, especially if you’re a fan of the existing franchise.

Another Eden

Another Eden RGP game on iOS.

Another Eden is reminiscent of the days of old-school JRPGs, though its gaunt mechanics sometimes overlook it. With an extensive story by master storyteller Masato Kato and original music by composer Mitsuda Yasunori (both Xenogears/Chronos series fame), this is a huge game in which you will find yourself immersing yourself a lot of the time. Play as Aldo, living peacefully with your sister Feinne and adopted grandfather. When Feinne is kidnapped by the Beast King, you must go out in search to save her, but you will find yourself drawn into an adventure in time and space. It is possible to enjoy Another Eden without participating in the gait element, but you’ll spend a lot of time grinding to reinforce your characters and advance the story – it’s not a bad thing if you enjoy that. Turn-based battles are pleasantly familiar to fans of the genre, you’ll meet a cast of favorite characters along the way, and you’ll collect and spend Chronos Stones to level your characters. For fans of traditional JRPGs, Another Eden marks many boxes.

Chrono Trigger ($ 10)

Characters in a colorful town square in Chrono Trigger on iOS.

The original SNES is now on iOS! Developed by Yuki Horii (Dragon Quest), Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), and the creators of Fine Fantasy, Chrono Trigger is one of the most epic role-playing games in the world, now with higher-resolution graphics and updated songs. You play as the young hero, Cronos, who sets out to rescue Marle, a girl who was thrown through a dimensional crack created by the Telepod, invented by Cronos’ friend, Lucca. But you appear four centuries earlier and have to travel through different eras, from the past to the distant future and even the end of times, to save Marle. Along the way, you can explore the “Dimensional Vortex” and “Lost Sanctum” dungeons, fight monsters, and release special “Technical” moves with over 50 different combos.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins

A scene in the village of Vamp'Ire from Vampire's Fall Origins on iOS.

This free 2D RPG boasts an art style reminiscent of Diablo 3, with turn-based combat. You play as a recruit in the militia, ready to defend the village of Vamp’Ire against the threat of the Wizard, a creature of dark magic. With fully customizable characters and a vast open world to explore, there is the opportunity to choose your family tree, influence results through dialogue choices, and collect more than 150 weapons and armor. Oh, and an immersive story to keep you hooked. There’s even in-game chat and PvP battles.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($ 10)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic showing characters from the game.

One of the greatest role-playing games of all time is available on mobile devices. Knights of the Old Republic appeared in the golden age of Star Wars games, and it is still fondly remembered even today. You play as an unnamed character who suffers from memory loss and is tormented by strange visions. The player must discover their past as they train to become a Jedi and fight for either the light or dark side of the force. BioWare has developed the game, so you can expect great storytelling, branch storytelling choices and lots of great characters. It’s a classic game that is still worth revisiting, whether you play it for the first time or a hundred times.

Two animated characters embrace during a furious battle in The Banner Saga on iOS.

The Banner Saga is one of the best turn-based RPGs to have appeared in recent memory, and the iOS port is the perfect way to play it. The game is hand drawn and uses rotoscopic animation in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics. The game also stands out thanks to its Norse setting, and it has a large and memorable cast of characters. The player must take his caravan across the stage and survive a brutal winter, all while fighting against terrible creatures and other Viking clans. It’s a great game with a proven formula and extraordinary animation. The Banner Saga has won many awards when it appeared for some reason, and it’s still worth watching.

Stardew Valley ($ 5)

Stardew Valley title screen on iOS.

If you want to take a break from fighting and play something a little more relaxed and idyllic, then Stardew Valley is the perfect game for you. This game brings the Harvest Moon formula into the gift, and players can build a farm, raise animals, make friends and find a partner. There are many secrets to unlock, dungeons to explore and relationships to grow in this hit independent title. The core gameplay is complemented by a soothing soundtrack, excellent cast of characters, excellent writing and exceptional artwork. It’s the perfect game to sit back and relax, and the iOS experience is all the better with controller support.

Baldur’s Gate: Improved Edition ($ 10)

Baldur's Gate: Improved Edition gameplay on iOS.

Baldur’s Gate is widely considered one of the greatest RPGs of all time, and it is the second entry for BioWare on this list. The enhanced edition is available in the App Store, and it’s one of the best ways to play the game. The interface has been redesigned for touch controls, and it looks like a more fluid way to the gameplay. In addition, the Enhanced Edition comes with the original game and all the DLC. There are also in-app purchases for additional searches, character portraits, and even voiceovers. If you haven’t played Baldur’s Gate however or want to revisit a timeless classic, playing it on iOS is the best way to do that.

Oceanhorn 2

The main protagonist begins his adventure in Oceanhorn 2 on iOS.

Oceanhorn was a popular RPG when it was launched on iOS, but the next game enhances the original concept in almost every way. It’s actually a prequel that takes place thousands of years before the first game, so you don’t need to play the first one to enjoy this entry. You pose as a young knight as he travels through the land of Gaia to defeat the Wizard Mesmeroth. The game is packed with puzzles, quests and a main story that lasts over 20 hours. It is also one of the most beautiful iOS games available. Oceanhorn 2 alone makes a subscription Apple Arcade worth it.

Transistor ($ 5)

Scene showing the main character, Red, in Transistor on iOS.

Supergiant Games is one of the best dogs in the independent game development scene, and for good reason. Their games are very polished, fun, and are packed with good quality writing and characters. Transistor appeared in 2015 and was later adapted to iOS, and it’s still one of the best action RPGs you can play. In the game, you play Red, a famous singer who contacts the Transistor. After that, you are constantly haunted by the Process – a deadly robotic force that wants the Transistor at all costs. You have to survive the relentless attack and find out why they want the Transistor. The game has been redesigned for touch controls, but it also has MFi (Made For iPhone) support, so you can play the game as it was initially designed to be played.

Battle Chasers: Night War ($ 10)

Allies fight in Battle Chasers: Nightwar on iOS.

Battle Chasers: Night War is inspired by classic RPGs from the past, but the game has its own sense of identity thanks to its solid storyline and amazing artistic design. Players take control of Gully, a young girl who is looking for her missing father. Five unlikely allies accompany her as they explore dungeons and fight in a Final Fantasy-style turn-based battle. The game accidentally generated dungeons, so each game is always unique and different. Combat fighters also has a deep creation system for all your equipment. Even several years after its release, the game is still a lot of fun to play. It has everything an RPG player could want, and that’s why it enters this list.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Characters relaxing around a campfire in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on iOS.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition worth mentioning only for its sheer audacity. Packing one of the greatest JRPGs of all time on a mobile platform sounds crazy. And yet, that’s exactly what they did. Square Enix has not only reviewed the graphics and gameplay for mobile, but it’s also pretty good. In fact, it’s really good. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has the exact same story as the console version. And although the game loop is particularly different, it packs in a surprising amount of the original experience. If you are curious about Final Fantasy XV but has no console or computer to play it, Pocket Edition it’s a perfectly workable way to experience it, and that’s a bizarre and amazing thing to say.

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