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Wait until July 12 to buy a Ring Video Doorbell (seriously)

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If you have checked out the best video doorbell bells, you are probably very eager to buy yourself a Ring Video Doorbell. Widely regarded as one of the most popular ways to observe who is calling around, they are a great way to add security and comfort to your home without much hassle. If you’re looking to buy now, we have news for you – wait until Prime Day in a few weeks. Here’s why.

Why you should wait to buy Ring Video Doorbell

To go straight to the point, Ring is owned by Amazon. It’s easy to miss because there’s no Amazon name in the title, unlike such things as Amazon Echo units and Amazon Fire TV Sticks. However, since Ring is owned by Amazon, that means we’ll definitely see great Prime Day deals involving it.

Every year, during Prime Day, Amazon loves to discount its own products to connect people to its own ecosystem. It also loves to cut the prices of highly sought after devices and guess what? Ring Video Doorbells are always in high demand.

That means we’re confident to see some amazing offers on Prime Day Ring Doorbell very soon. Prime Day officially starts on July 12th and lasts until July 13th, so you don’t have to wait long to see what could be offered.

What offers will Prime Day Ring Doorbell have?

There is never a guarantee of how big the discounts will be, but Prime Day typically rivals those similar to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, so it’s very likely that Ring Video Doorbell will be at one of its lowest prices this year, if not its lowest overall . .

It’s also pretty likely that although a new doorbell might be handy right now, you can probably hold on and wait until Prime Day itself to save yourself some money. In the past, Ring Video Doorbells either had a direct discount or they were paired with Amazon Echo Dot or Echo Show unit, with the price quite reduced. That’s because Echo devices are a great way to be able to know when someone has come calling and ringing.

Whatever Ring Video Doorbell you are considering buying, hold on. Wait until July 12 and see what’s on sale then. It’s only a few weeks away and we’re sure you’ll save a lot by holding on a little longer.

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