Sunday, December 3, 2023

Voicemod uses AI to transform your voice into Morgan Freeman, astronauts, and more

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Voicemod, a popular real-time voice changer, is starting to use artificial intelligence to transform your voice into Morgan Freeman and other characters. A new beta of Voicemod AI Voices launches today, offering eight options to transform your voice into fantasy characters, pilots, astronauts and the actor Morgan Freeman.

Voicemod has been transforming voices for years thanks to classic sound design techniques, but these new voice effects also combine AI. The voice “Morgan”, as Voicemod calls it, is particularly impressive, enabling you to pretend to be the famous movie star or just a polished voice actor. The new pilot’s voice is also a lot of fun, with sound effects that really make it sound like you’re piloting an airplane.

Voicemod’s new AI voices.
Image: Voicemod

All voices are processed in real time, so they are ideal for streaming on Twitch or for fun calls on Discord. All data for these voices was generated with the help of English-speaking professional voice actors with features that match the voice that Voicemod recreates. Actors read scripts to generate data for AI-based models, and then sound designers use traditional sound design techniques to make the voices fully realized characters. Many of the AI ​​voices include dynamic effects, filters, and background music.

Because these AI voices are processed on your own computer, they will require more CPU power than regular Voicemod effects. Voicemod opens beta today (you can register here), and you can test them on your computer to make sure there are no hearing loss or other performance issues. The main version of Voicemod is only available on PC now (mobile app exists), but Mac version is on the road.

Realistic synthetic voices are becoming more and more impressive as the years go by. While AI voices have been new in the past, tools like Resemble.AI and Respeecher have shown the potential for content creators, letting editors use voice clones to edit spoken word recordings. Voicemod’s AI voices are now aimed at steamships and content creators, and they are part of a wave of progress that shows how close we are to all being able to clone voices freely.

Voicemod has also launched its PowerPitch technology recently, allowing users to create a constant online voice identity for gaming and role-playing, work, school or just regular calls. This technology can easily be used for fun and pranks, but it can also benefit millions of people with vocal disorders improve pitch, sound and quality problems. It also benefits some trans-players. AI isn’t applied to PowerPitch yet, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before you can have your own AI voice that you can use for meetings, Discord calls, or anything else.


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