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Young Justice: What comes next for season 5

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Juna Justice is one of the best superhero TV shows of all time, simple and straightforward. Its fourth season, Ghosts, ended with the long-awaited marriage between Conner and M’Gann. Gathering its large cast of characters together for the happy occasion, the show reminded audiences why it is so loved, bringing a satisfying conclusion to a season for which fans had to wait three years. The future is uncertain for Young Justice, as the notoriously secretive HBO Max remains tight on whether the show will return for a fifth round. We may not have absolute clarity on what’s next for the show, but the pieces are there for a catchy and exciting fifth season, and we can make several informed guesses about the direction of the show.

Beyond those plots described for us, Young Justice has also set up several plots in past seasons, and it’s time for us to get those rewards. From characters with unfinished business with the team to long-term arrivals, Young Justice has more than enough material to provide another tenacious and ambitious season. And with that would come more of the thoughtful and uncompromising writing we expected from it.

The female furies

GhostsA post-credit scene – because everything needs one of these, apparently – incites the arrival of two major threats to the team and the League. Zatanna’s bow dealt with Mary Bromfield’s struggles to adjust to life after her tenure with the Shazam family. Unsure of herself, still notoriously power-hungry, Maria’s erratic behavior later prevented her from becoming one of Doctor Fate’s hosts.

The other threat comes in the form of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl. In Young Justice‘s universe, Kara’s ship landed on the Ghost Zone. Rescued years later by Darkseid and his forces, Supergirl joins Granny Goodness’ Furies, though it’s unclear if she’s really bad or if Darkseid brainwashed her – a plot straight out of the comics.

The Furies will make worthy opponents for the team, especially now that Miss Martian is one step away from becoming a full goddess. The combined power of Black Mary and Supergirl should be enough to give Miss M. a run for her money, especially if they pretend to be good at infiltrating the heroes’ many organizations. The story of an enemy-pretending-to-be-friend was made to death, including Young Justice during its season 2 Invasion arc, but there is a reason why it remains liked by writers. It has the potential to create a tense and potentially destructive conflict between characters who would otherwise famously agree. Whether openly villainous or shielded behind the false promise of friendship, Black Mary and Supergirl will be major threats during season 5.

Heroes in crisis

Garfield in therapy with Black Canary in Young Justice: Ghosts.

One of the best plots in Ghosts was Garfield’s struggle with depression following Superboy’s death. The plot culminates in a cathartic and very emotional scene where he finally breaks up during a therapy session with Black Canary, admitting that Conner’s death was not his fault and beginning the journey towards recovery. The last episode suggests that Black Canary takes matters into their own hands and creates a facility where superheroes can deal with their mental health and escape the pressures of the life they lead.

The disclosure suggests the show’s handling Tom King’s controversy Heroes in Crisis plot, which dealt with the aftermath of a mass shooting at Sanctuary, a superhero rehab center set up by DC’s Trinity. Heroes in Crisis remains discordant among fans, especially for its treatment of Wally West and its awkward approach to mental health. Wally is dead in the Young Justice universe, and it seems that he will not return soon. It is unlikely that the show will go for a simple adaptation of the controversial plot, which is honestly for the best. Sanctuary is likely to appear – hopefully with a different name, as “Sanctuary” is, perhaps, the single worst name for a mental health facility ever – but the show will focus on the mental health aspect, thus leaving the murder-mystery corner.

Jason Todd

Jason Todd behind a mask in Young Justice: Phantoms.

Jason Todd apparently and unceremoniously died off-screen in the time jump between seasons 1 and 2. However, season three revealed him to be alive, albeit brainwashed and under the control of Ra’s al Ghul. Season 4 brought him back briefly, showing him in control of his body and aware of his surroundings but still serving the Demon’s Head. Many believed that Dick’s arc in season 4 would revolve around Jason, however, Dick did not receive a proper arc, and the show used his episodes to resolve the Zod conflict instead. Thus, Jason stays on Infinity Island with Ra, Sensei, Talia, and a baby who is most likely Damian Wayne.

After so many suggestions and looks, Jason has to play a prominent role in season 5. With Ra’s out of the Light and forming a team of his own, Jason was able to become his key enforcer, bringing him into direct conflict with the Bat Family. His appearance could also provide the perfect opportunity to show Dick after neglecting him Ghosts. Damian’s existence also introduces another compelling element to the plot, especially considering Batman’s stoic yet loving characterization in Young Justice.

Story of two sisters (& clone)

Image of young Jade and Artemis in Young Justice.

Artemis could be Young Justicethe best character of. Her relationship with her quasi-brother-in-law, Will Harper – Roy Harper’s clone – and sister, Jade, provides some of the show’s most resonant and complex plots. Her bow inside Ghosts took her conflict with her sister to the next level, ending with the potential for possible reconciliation along the line. The show thrived with the story, delivering a satisfying conclusion to a plot that began in season 1 and setting the stage for the next chapter in their journey.

Season 5 should continue to explore their family dynamics, especially now that Jade has let go of her past resentments. Jade’s star-studded romance with Will and her broken relationship with her daughter, Lian, are also important to this plot and should get enough attention going forward. Young Justice considerable attention to the sister league of Artemis and Jade, and there is no reason to suspect that it will stop doing so in season 5.

Darkseid vs. Vandal Savage

Darkseid and Vandal Savage shake hands in Young Justice Phantoms

Vandal Savage is likely Young Justicethe main antagonist of. More than Darkseid, Vandal is the mastermind behind the tragedies of the series, serving as the leader of the Light and directing every attack on the team and the League. Ghosts delved into its purpose – expanding the backstory launched in one of the show’s groundbreaking episodes, The Incredible Evolution – and provided more suggestions on his end game. The season also explained his connection to Darkseid, explaining the shaky deal between them and setting the stage for their ultimate confrontation.

It is highly unlikely that season 5 will feature a full-blown war between Vandal’s Warworld and Apokolips’ forces. However, the shrewd play between Vandal and Darkseid has become one of the most interesting and entertaining aspects of the show, especially when it involves Vandal’s allies – mostly the stage-stealing, angry-throwing witch, Clarion. Keeping Vandal and Darkseid in the background can still give them a wide opportunity to show them every other episode, allowing them to shine during key moments in the season. Their shadows are mostly threatening Young Justicethe general plot of, even if it is not yet time to see these titans fight.

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