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5 great anime to stream on Crunchyroll in June 2022

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With the current merger of Funimation into the Crunchyroll platform, the latter is increasingly becoming the ultimate streamer for anime-exclusive content. Last month saw the classic anime series of the 90’s Triguna modern classic in the form of Black Lagoonand more.

June seems to be a quieter month, yet there are a handful of notable anime series to stream. These range from a long-running action-horror classic like Hellsing, along with its most recent adaptation, to a more real, life-cutting anime like Stars Align for those looking to enjoy a few more quiet moments.

Psycho-Pass (seasons 1-2)

Psycho-Pass is an inventive anime-original story, with the first and third seasons being animated by Production IG (Haikyuu !! seasons 1-4) and the second by Tatsunoko Production. The condition is strongly inspired by neo-noir cyberpunk classics like Blade Runnerwith Psycho-Pass occurring in 22nd-century Japan.

Enforcers in this authoritarian environment “uphold the law” by capturing or killing people who show the slightest amount of criminal intent. During later seasons he fought for the narrative freshness of the first, Psycho-Pass is still entirely worthy a science fiction anime to immerse yourself in.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Psycho-Pass are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

Hellsing (episodes 1-13)

Alucard wearing his signature blood-red suit laughing behind his shiny glasses.

The cult classic of writer Kouta Hirano ago-horga mangao Hellsing received its first anime adaptation in 2001 through animation studio Gonzo. The series takes place in a dark fantasy world where several supernatural hunter associations exist around the world, including the Hellsing organization of England.

Its purposeful leader uses the protagonist Alucard, a vampire who has been engineered to fight loyally on Hellsing’s behalf. This first adaptation uses the same core characters and scenario but follows a new story. Hellsing It will be an exciting time for fans eager for an over-the-top and sad action series, especially for those looking for the closest anime equivalent to the Castlevania video game series and Netflix show.

All 13 episodes of Hellsing are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

Hellsing Ultimate (episodes 1-10)

Alucard in the Hellsing Ultimate anime giving a sinister laugh and his glasses shining in the night.

For fans of the manga looking for a faithful adaptation of the source material of Hirano, the more recent Hellsing Ultimate OVA anime series will surely satisfy. This time enlivened by a joint effort between Graphinica, Satelight, and Madhouse industrial veterans studios, Finally looks like what Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood made after the original anime adaptation.

The story follows the Hellsing organization’s battle against sadistic supernatural forces, as well as the expanding international threat of rival factions. If fans enjoyed the previous adaptation, they will definitely feel at home with the more modern animation and visual style of Finallyas well as all the elegantly awful action it brings.

All 10 episodes of Hellsing Ultimate are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

Stars Align (episodes 1-12)

Stars Align key art featuring Toma and Maki in their tennis gear.

On the quieter side of Crunchyroll’s recent additions, Stars Align follows an original story from the high school boys’ tennis club that is facing dissolution due to their bad string of match performances. The series is animated by Eight Bit studio and revolves around protagonist Maki Katsuragi as he transfers to the school and is recruited by club captain, Toma Shinjo.

In addition to the sports theme on the surface, Stars Align also delves into the boys ’darker, groundbreaking progressive character drama as they adjust to high school life.

All 12 episodes of Stars Align are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

Super Cub (episodes 1-12)

Koguma looks content as she rides her Honda Super Cub.

Another life-size series, Tone Kouken’s Studio Kai anime adaptation and Hiro’s Light Great Ido novels revolve around a high school student named Koguma. She leads a fairly secular life, to the point of longing for something to be interested in that will inject her with a welcome dose of excitement.

Koguma resolves to get herself a Honda Super Cub, which eventually leads to her life growing beyond a mere motor scooter. From there, she goes on to meet and forge close friendships with Reiko and Eniwa. Great Ido is another anime series for those looking for a moving and touching drama.

All 12 episodes of Great Ido are available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

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