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Halo Infinite medals guide: All multiplayer medals and how to earn them

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Winning medals is a staple of any Hall game – Spartans who prove themselves on the battlefield are recognized for their wartime achievements after each game along with their death-to-death ratio and overall score. While players may not be able to collect these medals for a long time and display them anywhere, they are a great bonus at the end of a wrestling match.

Medals are not exactly rare in Halo Infinite – you can certainly win them by accidentally removing the right enemy or something as simple as holding Oddball for a set amount of time – but it’s almost impossible to memorize the long list of possible prizes. If you’re trying to win every medal in the game or just want to check and see who you keep accidentally winning, it’s great to have control. We collected the title of each available medal Halo Infinite and what you have to do in the game to win them. Good luck, Spartan.

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Multi-kill medals

Business lives will only get you so far in a Team Slayer game – you have to kick it in speed and work your opponent to defeat them. To earn multiple kills, you must be at the top of your game. A well-placed grenade, superior weapon choices, or elite reflexes can earn you a few kills as your enemies struggle to eliminate you. Obviously, the most advanced multi-kill medals are a bit wild, and you’ll have to play Big Team Battle or regular games to have any chance of winning them.

  • Double Kill: Kill 2 enemies in quick succession
  • Triple killing: Kill 3 enemies in quick succession
  • Troigo: Kill 4 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtacular: Kill 5 enemies in quick succession
  • Killing: Kill 6 enemies in quick succession
  • Killamanjaro: Kill 7 enemies in quick succession
  • Killtastrophe: Kill 8 enemies in quick succession
  • Killpocalypse: Kill 9 enemies in quick succession
  • Millionaire: Kill 10 enemies in quick succession

Killing-spree medals

Spartan uses a gravity hammer in Halo Infinite.

Deadly debauchery requires patience. You can’t run into every fire you see guns flaming if you want to accumulate killings. Find your powerful weapons, post them in a good place and wait for the killings to come to you. You have to stay alive to keep up the streak to play defensively and strike when your enemies are weak.

  • Killjoy: End the deadly debauchery of an enemy
  • Killing Spree: Kill 5 enemies without dying
  • Deadly Madness: Kill 10 enemies without dying
  • Current Riot: Kill 15 enemies without dying
  • Fury: Kill 20 enemies without dying
  • Nightmare: Kill 25 enemies without dying
  • Boogeyman: Kill 30 enemies without dying
  • Dead: Kill 35 enemies without dying
  • Demon: Kill 40 enemies without dying

Competence medals

Two Spartans in Fakoko in Hall Infinite.

Skill medals are awarded to players for mastering a specific weapon class or aspect of the game. Stay with that sniper rifle for an entire match or concentrate on strokes to win some special medals at the end of the game.

  • Boxer: Kill 5 enemies with a melee
  • Military man: Kill 5 enemies with melee weapons
  • Gunner: Kill 5 enemies with pistols
  • Scattergunner: Kill 5 enemies with shotguns
  • Breaker: Kill 5 enemies with SMGs
  • Spindle: Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles
  • Shooter: Kill 5 enemies with tactical rifles
  • Shooter: Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifles
  • Bomber: Kill 5 enemies with launchers
  • Grenadier: Kill 5 enemies with shells
  • Observer: Mark 5 enemies who are then killed
  • Wing: Earn 10 deadly aids
  • Driver: Kill 5 enemies with ground vehicles
  • Oil tanker: Kill 5 enemies with siege vehicles
  • Pilot: Kill 5 enemies with planes
  • Radiator: Earn 5 driver aids
  • Gunner: Kill 5 enemies with mounted turrets
  • Weight: Kill 5 enemies with detachable turrets
  • Saboteur: Destroy 5 enemy vehicles
  • Bodyguard: Save 5 allies by killing their attacker

Able medals

Spartan lines up shot with a sniper rifle in Hall Infinite.

Capable medals are awarded for very specific achievements and are much rarer than other types of medals. They recognize players for hitting really spectacular shots or proving themselves to be high-level fighters. You may win one by hitting a long-range Skewer shot, struggling a vehicle, or killing multiple enemies with a single shot.

  • Achilles Spine: Kill an enemy with Overshield active by hitting them from behind with a melee
  • Engaged Autopilot: Kill the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a sniper rifle
  • Backstroke: Kill an enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee
  • Ballista: Kill an enemy with a Skewer from a distance
  • Bank shot: Kill an enemy by rejection
  • Boom Block: Block an incoming bullet by deploying a Fall Wall
  • Bulltrue: Save yourself or an ally by interrupting the power of an Energy Sword from an enemy
  • Chain Reaction: Kill an enemy with a chain of shocks
  • Good Luck Cluster: Kill 2 or more enemies with a grenade
  • Death Race: Splash 2+ enemies with a single boost in Ghost
  • Dogfight: Destroy an enemy plane while you yourself in one
  • Fire & Forget: Kill an enemy with M41 SPNKr from a distance
  • Grand Slam: Kill more than 2 enemies with a single Gravity Hammer swing
  • Guardian Angel: Save the life of an ally from afar
  • Hello Mary: Kill an enemy with a grenade from a distance
  • Harpoon: Fight a distant enemy
  • Linked: Kill 4 enemies with a single chain
  • Kong: Kill an enemy by throwing a Fusion Coil
  • Pay attention to the gap: Kill an enemy by sending them to their death with the Repulsor
  • Nade Shot: Kappafo against an enemy immediately after damaging them with a grenade
  • Shinobi: Kill an enemy by jumping on them and hitting them from behind with a melee
  • No Scope: Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle without zooming
  • Nuclear Football: Capture enemy-thrown Fusion Coil
  • The Crow of Odin: Detect 3 or more enemies with a single Threat Sensor
  • Crepes: Kill an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor
  • Perfect: Kill an enemy with a precise weapon with maximum effectiveness
  • Shooting: Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle after they have been launched from Man Cannon
  • Quigley: Kill 2 or more enemies with a single S7 Sniper
  • Remote Detonation: Kill an enemy by firing a grenade
  • Return to Sender: Kill an enemy by deflecting their bullet
  • Reversal: Kill an enemy that attacked you first
  • Driving: Deliver the target carrier to the target after driving a long distance
  • Skyjack: Seize enemy aircraft
  • Sneak King: Kill a camouflaged enemy by hitting them from behind with a melee
  • Galinago: Headbutt to an enemy with a sniper rifle
  • Spray: Kill an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle
  • Stick: Kill an enemy by sticking them with Plasma or Spike Grenade
  • Label and Bag: Kill 2 or more enemies by revealing them with the Threat Sensor
  • Whip whip: Kill a fighting enemy
  • Ice Wiper: Kill an enemy trying to hijack a vehicle

Style medals

Spartan fires a weapon with an explosion in the background.

What’s the gain if you don’t look good while you’re doing it? Style medals are awarded for those “oh my god, have you seen that?” plays, such as taking out a loaded vehicle, killing an enemy with a shell you fired just before you died, or managing to eliminate an opponent with your last bullet.

  • 360: Kill an enemy by shooting them immediately after turning
  • Battle Evolved: Grab a powerful weapon that was dropped from a Weapon Pad by a Plasma Grenade
  • Deadly Capture: Fight for a weapon or object and kill an enemy with it
  • Driving: Earn Double Kill as a passenger
  • Speedball: Kill an enemy with the effect of a grenade thrown
  • Flying High: Achieve a massive jump in a fully loaded vehicle
  • From the Tomb: Kill an enemy after you die
  • Grapple Jack: Fight and hijack an enemy vehicle
  • Keep This: Kill an enemy immediately after dropping a weapon using your remaining gun
  • Last shot: Kill an enemy with the last round of your magazine
  • Lawn mower: Destroy an enemy vehicle with the wheels of Brute Chopper
  • Mount Up: Assemble a fully loaded vehicle of two or more allies after honking
  • Mounted and Loaded: Earn Double Kill with a stationary turret
  • Of the Rack: Kill an enemy with a weapon immediately after taking it from its breeding place
  • Party is over: Destroy a packed enemy Razorback
  • Pineapple Express: Kill an enemy with a grenade as a passenger
  • Quick Drawing: Kill an enemy with a pistol immediately after switching to it
  • Ramada Rapido: Destroy an enemy vehicle by hitting it with your own
  • Recovery: Seize an enemy vehicle that was once yours
  • Shotgun: Kappafo to enemy moments after Marking them
  • Special Delivery: Kill an enemy with a Man Cannon or Grav Lift Accelerated Grenade
  • Street Sweeper: Kill an enemy with the CQS48 Bulldog as a passenger

Game mode medals

Spartan carrying the enemy flag in Hall Infinite.

These medals can only be won while playing specific game modes such as Capture the Flag or Oddball. If you have mastered a specific game mode, you will collect these immediately.

  • All That Juice: Secure 3 Power Seeds in quick succession
  • Always Rotating: Capture all zones in a single lifetime
  • Clock Stop: Prevent the enemy from earning their final points by capturing a belt in Forts
  • Fair Flag: Kill an enemy flag bearer by holding a flag
  • Flawless Victory: Win every round of play with 3+ rounds
  • Fumble: Kill the enemy Oddball porter in moments of their victory
  • Gollinia Standing: Kill the enemy Oddball porter in moments of their victory
  • Perfection: Win a game with more than 15 kills and no kills
  • Powerful outrage: Steal 3 Power Seeds in quick succession
  • Steak: Win a game by dominating the enemy team
  • Abbreviated: Kill an enemy flag bearer who is about to win
  • Live Ballad: Carry the Oddball for 1 minute

Where can I see my won medals?

Hall Infinite post-game statistics page.

When you win a medal in the middle of the game, you will hear the announcer shout the title in the classic Halo fashion, and an emblem attached to the achievement will appear on your screen.

When the match is over, you will be able to see a list of your won medals along with your normal stats in the Player Summary section.

If you accidentally clicked through the summary or want to see your previous game statistics, you can do so via the main menu. Navigate to the Control Panel, choose My Profileand then Match History. Select a specific game from the list of recently played matches and select Match Results to see your stats and medals won.

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